Club Directory

FC Burbage are extremely privileged to have a committed group of volunteers who support to running of our club and delivery of football. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Phil or Janine.

The Committee

Phil StocktonClub Chairman & U18s
Janine HughesClub
Anna DaviesClub
Arri ConstantinouClub Welfare
Errol TuittU15s Lead Coach & Pumas
Heath JenningsU14s Lead
Ian ChaseU13s Lead Coach & Lions
Ben PearsonU12s Lead Coach & Bobcats
Ian BlythFCB Lionesses Lead Coach & U12s
Andy MellorU10s Lead Coach & Jaguars
Sarah NuttellFCB Lionesses U11s Lead
Paul WoodhouseU10s Lead Coach & Tigers
Matt McGunigleU9s Lead Coach

Nicola TorkingtonU8s Age Group
Mpazi SiameU7s Lead
Mpazi SiameMini’s Lead Coach (Interim)

 The Coaching Team

We our proud to boast so many Coaches at FC Burbage. It is important to us that all coaches are supported and appropriately trained to FA Level 1 as a minimum. Coach development underpins player development and so our team are encourage to continue their football learning journey. Helpers (those who are dipping their toe in the water and who haven’t yet caught the coaching bug) are all DBS checked before they cross the white line.  

If you are interested in coaching please contact the age group lead. 

VeteransSimon Taylor, Ali
U18sPhil Stockton, Brin
U15sErrol Tuitt, Andrew Dixon, Richard
U14sHeath Jennings, Mikey Orton, Ian Blyth,
U13sIan Chase, Chris
U12sBen Pearson, Dan Mowbray, Dom Woodall, Mark
U12s (Lionesses)Ian Blyth, Sarah
U11sAndy Mellor, Rob Earl, Lee Thompson, Martin
U11s (Lionesses)Emma Fish, Lee
U10sPaul Woodhouse, Kevin Hudson 

U10s (Lionesses)
U9sMatt McGunigle, Gavin
U9s (Lionesses)
U7sMpazi Siame
MinisMpazi Siame (Interim)